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From Bench to Bedside; Pediatric Cancer Research and Precision Medicine Conference 2023


Location: Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet Green Auditorium


Program day 1 (23.10.23):

                   Bench projects at OUS, HUS, UNN, and St. Olav

                        Chairs: Lars O. Baumbusch (OUS/HiØ) and Monica C. Munthe-Kaas (OUS)


12.00-13.00    Lunch*


13.00-13.10    Welcome note by Ellen Ruud,

                         (OUS, UiO, head of the Department of Paediatric Medicine at OUS)

13.10-13.15    Welcome note by Britt Ingunn Wee Sævig,

(Chief advisor at the Childhood Cancer Society)

13.15-14.00    Plenary keynote lecture 1 (open for all):

Dr. Bastiaan Tops 
(Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, The Netherlands)

Precision medicine from bench to bed in the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology


14.00-14:15    Coffee and mingle


14:15-14:30    Lars Herfindal (HUS/UiB): Precision medicine – bench projects in Bergen

14:30-14:45    Sandy Joaquina (HUS/UiB):

PERCAP: Introduction of CAR therapy in precision medicine

14:45-15:00    Christer Einvik (UNN/UiT):
                          Experimental neuroblastoma research 


15.15-15:30     Coffee and mingle

15:30-15:45    Swapnil Bhavsar (UNN/UiT):
                         Identification and investigation of miRNAs  associated with tumor metastasis in

15:45-16:00    Benedicte Grebstad Tune (OUS/UiO):
                          Exploring liquid biopsies 
in pediatric cancer

16:00-16:15    Emmet Mc Cormack (HUS/UiB):
                          Preclinical pediatric modeling: 
Developments and potential


16.15-16:30    Coffee and mingle

16:30-17:30    Summary and  discussion
(moderated by the chairs)


19.00               Social event: Art Performance and dinner at Centropa*     

                         (Deichman Main Library, registered required)


Program day 2 (24.10.2023):


                   Bedside projects at OUS, HUS, UNN, and St Olav

                        Chairs: Aina Ulvmoen (OUS) and Jochen Büchner (OUS)


 09:00-09:45    Plenary keynote lecture 2 (open for all)
 Prof. Dr. Per Kogner ​ (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)

The road to Precision Medicine for children with cancer


09:45-10.00     Coffee and mingle

10:00-10:15    Anne Gro Rognlien (OUS)
 IMPRESS - precision medicine for childhood cancer in Norway

10:15-10:30    Maria Winther Gunnes

                          Precision medicine – bedside projects in Bergen

10:30-10:45    Ida Katrine Knapstad (OUS/UiO): 
                         PRecision Oncology Targeting Early life Cancer diagnosis and Therapy –                         Impact of germline NGS panel testing in pediatric cancer


10:45- 11:00    Coffee and mingle

11:00- 11:15   Britt Nygard Tvilde (HUS):

                          Oral late effects after treatment for childhood cancer  

11:15-11:30    Jochen Büchner (OUS):
                         Genetically modified T cells targeting TdT
as a novel therapy against T- and B-cell malignancies

11:45-12:00    Aina Ulvmoen
                         BROADEN- ny og avansert diagnostikk
 av hjernesvulst hos barn og unge


12:00-12:15    Coffee and mingle


12:15-13:00    Summary and plenum discussion

(moderated by the chairs)


13:00               Concluding remarks


13:15-14:00     Lunch*




* Please note: the key note lectures are open for the general public;

   however, lunch and dinner are for registered conference attendances only